The child who believed…

Honey Parlani
5 min readMay 6, 2021



It’s been a streak of 5 years that this child has not left a single stone unturned and still calls himself a child yearning to learn and earn.

Why does this man whose name is such that every man in the country would recognize, calls himself a child??


And here comes the story which starts with the quote by which he abides and it says

“Child is the father of man”

quoted by William Wordsworth meaning the years and conditioning in the making of the man remain with him and makes him what he stands for from childhood. It simply states that the man is a reflection of the thoughts he had as a child.

This child who always believed that nothing is out of his zone has pioneered and set benchmarks in all the fields he entered.

It would be incorrect to say that he was born with a silver spoon like the descendants of great business tycoons of the world but surely he is a child with a silver lining.


Talking about his achievements, he never quotes what he has already acquired but rather talks about the scope that exists in it to explore further.

He started his career in the telecom market after interning in one of the biggest beer companies in the world but soon had to leave and come back to square i.e. his legacy of being a clothier. Though the sector was mostly unorganized, his desire to create a paradigm shift was never ignored and so he slowly started bringing structure to it.

With the zeal to innovate, he upgraded himself into a Fashion Designer after acquiring the know-how from one of the finest institutes of India (NIFT) and started to topple the market with a new outlook of being a couturier.


His turning point in life was when he started to believe that the “child was still alive” which came under the mentorship of some great Digital mentors and some finest books suggested by them.

In the meanwhile, he started automating the entire process from cradle to grave via systems under great mentors who further helped him sharpen his digital funnels to grow larger.


From 1 store in a small city like Bhopal, he has scaled up to more than 100 stores in almost every urban city of India and it’s still counting.

His designs are a culmination of imagination coupled with a pinch of sustainability giving it an edge over all other fast fashion and slow fashion brands in both men and women.

He never calls himself a designer but is a man of simple living with a vision, who wishes to “Craft relationships via threads” the tagline of his brand PARLANI. He also chairs the Best Fabric Corporation of the Country and holds the vision to make it the best in the world.


He has been honored by various Boards of the Country with several titles such as Best Fabric Merchandiser, Best Couturier, Best Resource Optimizer, and several others.


Giving a glimpse into his portfolio of passive income he has all of them that a man can think of. From affiliate to dividends, from royalties of the books to royalty of the patents registered under his name, from rent from land to housing properties in several parts of the country.

He is a great finance mastermind running the show.

Not to forget that he holds a strong foot in the arena of Marketing to lead the Digital Marketing and Automation arena in the entire textile industry.

He has been honored for bringing in the Tex-tech Revolution in the year 2025.



When asked about his secret, he simply replied saying “ I pay attention to all 4 pillars of my life namely Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional “ which he teaches under his course Megalife.

His lifestyle and workspace reflect simplicity and minimalism. He has a wonderful family by side including his wife and two children under the shelter of his parents and he shares the best relationship with them.

His philanthropic intentions have always kept him in the news whereby he never wishes to be known by them as he is an avid believer in passing on the wealth to cultivate a sustainable planet.

His contributions to causes account for more than 60% of what he earns and still, he manages to be in the list of the Top 5 Richest People in India.

He has been associated with several spiritual organizations and is a true devotee of God and believes that the simplest way to pray to God is to express gratitude for everything.

Health and meditation have always been on the top of the priority list.

He has authored several books in various fields but the book on Megalife is closest to his heart. He reads at least 2 books in a week and calls Warren Buffett to be his inspiration.


Volumes can be written about his contribution to humanity, but he sums it up by saying

“I am a child. Let me earn by the yearning to learn”

I hope you might have guessed it by now. But if you haven’t, his name is Honey Parlani.

If you wish to get in touch with him, you can drop an email at